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SympaTex Technologies has been one of the leading global suppliers of high tech functional materials in clothing, footwear, accessories, work clothing (Contract & Workwear) and technical applications (Tection). SympaTex develops, manufactures and sells membranes, laminates, functional textiles and finished 100% windproof and waterproof and are manufactured using completely recyclable membranes. The technologies and processes are based on the principle of ecological responsibility and sustainability.

100% Waterproof Based On ISO 811

Measuring method for waterproofness = Water column (WC)

Withstands the pressure up to 1,300 mm = Water-repellent

Withstands the pressure over 1,300 mm = Waterproof pursuant to EN 343

SympaTex Membrane = Extremely waterproof at >45,000 mm

Optimal Breathable

The SympaTex membrane works on the basis of a physical and chemical principle. The water-attracting (hydrophilic) part of the membrane absorbs the moisture from the body and emits it to the outside by evaporation. The water vapour molecules are transported outwards along the hydrophilic molecule chains.

Smart Dynamic Membrane Technology: The more your body sweats, the more moisture the membrane can transport outwards. This means that its effectiveness increases dynamically when it is required.

For example: Ret value (water vapour permeability resistance): This is the resistance that a material has to water vapour. If the Ret value is less than 6, the material is described as being very good breathable. The SympaTex membrane achieves absolutely top values with Ret values of up to 0.5.

Oeko-Tex® Standard 100

The SympaTex membrane was awarded with the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certificate. Independent test facilities of the international Oeko-Tex®

community award this prize. Textile products of all sorts are tested for possible harmful substances according to very strict rules. The certificate proves that the SympaTex membrane is absolutely health-friendly. It even meets the strict requirements for baby products


Other membranes are made of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene). The production, the landfilling and the combustion of PTFE can create compounds that are ecologically harmful.

PTFE has been criticised increasingly in recent years, because the fluorine compounds that are used for producing PTFE are suspected to be harmful.

Perfluorinated compounds can also be released into the environment during the burning or depositing of PTFE. There, they can accumulate due to their long- life cycle. The SympaTex membrane is completely PTFE-free.


As a bluesign® system partner, SympaTex meets the strictest requirements worldwide regarding the environment protection, health and safety. The aim is to reach a high and eco-friendly level for the complete production chain.

SympaTex is among the few producers of recyclable polyether-ester membranes with the highly-regarded bluesign® certificate. Numerous well- known companies of the sports, leisure, Contract & Workwear sector can see the benefits and already use the eco-friendly SympaTex membrane.

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